Uniform Policy


The MCJROTC program requires that cadets wear their uniform at least one day a week.  The Senior Marine Instructor will establish what day of the week cadets should wear their uniforms.  

The Marine Corps uniform marks the wearer as associated with the long line of men and women who honorably serve today and have served this nation so faithfully in the past as United States Marines.  Marine JROTC cadets are different than cadets from other service JROTC programs in that Marine cadets wear the same uniforms as United States Marines.  This distinction requires cadets to wear the uniform properly with pride and the utmost respect for what it represents.

            The prescribed uniform will be worn all day on the designated uniform day.  It will be worn ALL DAY.  Failure to wear the uniform for the entire day will result in a grade of zero.

            You are responsible for your uniform, and if you lose the uniform or any part of the uniform, you must pay for it.

            The announced uniform will be worn in its entirety.  The cover will be worn when outdoors.  All coats and shirts will be buttoned in accordance with uniform regulations.

            Shoes, boots, and brass will be maintained and inspected as part of the uniform.

            Although these uniforms are issued to individual cadets, they remain the property of the United States Marine Corps.  All uniforms must be turned in to your Instructor before the cadet checks out of school, moves, drops the course, or otherwise departs the program.  If a uniform and all of its parts are not returned in serviceable condition, a fine will be forwarded to the school administration equal to the cost of replacing the uniform at its current value.



Any time a cadet wears his or her uniform, it should always be worn with pride and care.  Cadets must always be on their best behavior when wearing their uniforms.  Improper behavior by cadets is not tolerated at any time, and is severely dealt with if in uniform.  Your appearance and conduct should be impeccable while in uniform: 

            Wear your entire uniform indoors at all times.

            Do not chew gum. Do not smoke. Do not walk and eat

            Do not use a cellphone while walking

            Earbuds/headphones are not authorized 

            Do not walk or stand around with your hands in your pockets

            Wear your cover outdoors at all times and remove it indoors

            Salute all officers. Greet all cadets and treat everyone with respect

            Do not use foul language, tease others, or wrestle/play in uniform or engage in public displays of affection



LEI: Utility uniform

LEII: Utility uniform, Service uniform

LEIII/IV: Utility uniform, Dress uniforms

Drill Teams: Each member will receive dress shirts and blue trousers

Color Guard: Each member will receive a full set of dress blues 



Cover - The cover will be worn with the bill straight and centered, parallel above the eyebrows.

Coat - The digital coat will be worn outside the trousers with all buttons buttoned with the exception of the top.  When the sleeves are up, they will be rolled inside out, forming a “snug to the arm” roll about three inches wide, with the bottom of the rolled (folded) sleeve slightly above but no more than half the distance between the top of the shoulder and the top of the elbow.  (Roll them up before you put your coat on)

Undershirt - Only the Marine Corps issued green undershirt is authorized with the utility uniform.  The green undershirt will be tucked into the trousers.

Trousers - The trousers will be worn at the waistline and no sagging is allowed. They will be bloused between the second and third eyelets of your boots.

Web Belt - With buckle start on your left side, counting 7 belt loops around your waist.  The web belt buckle and web belt tip should be buffed with a soft cloth. The tip of the belt should be 2 to 4 inches past the buckle.  The buckle should be aligned with the fly of the trousers when worn with the uniform.  

Socks – Only brown or black cushion socks will be worn with the boots

Boots - The boots will be laced with a bridge and left over right as you are looking down at your boot.

*the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform is not authorized for wear outside of school grounds and MCJROTC events.  Exceptions are limited to travel to & from school



MCJROTC Patches - All coats, blouses and khaki shirts that require patches will have them placed on the left sleeve one- half inch (1/2) below the shoulder seam and centered.  The wings of the Eagle must be parallel to the deck.

Corframs - The Corfram shoes should be sprayed with glass cleaner and dried off with a cloth or paper towel.  Only black thin socks will be worn.

Khaki Shirt - The khaki shirt must have military creases.  Males should have a total of seven creases: 3 creases in the back dividing the shirt into three equal parts, one on each sleeve and 2 down the front of the shirt one on each side and centered.  Female shirts have a crease down each sleeve.

Military Alignment - Shirt edge, belt buckle and fly of trousers are all in a straight vertical line.

Tie Clasp - Centered between the 3d and 4th button on the long sleeve shirt.

Trouser Length - Slacks will be long enough to break slightly over the shoe in front and to the juncture of the welt of the shoe in the rear.  A variation of 1/2 inch above the welt is acceptable.  The hem on the slacks will be from 2 to 3 inches wide.  Slacks will be pressed to present a smooth vertical crease at about the center front and rear of each leg.  The crease will extend from the bottom of the hem to about 2 inches above the crotch. 

Cover - Never worn indoors.  School policy prohibits the wearing of any type of hat in the school.  Cadets are allowed to wear their cover with the uniform on uniform day.  Cadets are allowed to remove their cover when eating and staying in a stationary position.

Maine Corps Emblem - On the cover, the wings of the emblem are placed parallel to the deck (floor) and the anchor is pointed forward.  On the Dress Blues, the left and right collar emblems are worn with the wings parallel to the deck with anchors pointed inboard.

PT Gear - PT gear will be worn on designated days.  The uniform will consist of the red JFK MCJROTC shirt, green MCJROTC shorts and athletic shoes.  During inclement weather, USMC sweat top & bottom may be authorized.  (Females) long hair must be secured; pony tails are authorized.  When hair-securing devices are worn (i.e. barrettes, small pony tail holders, etc.), they must be consistent with the hair color.  Scrunchies, bows, ribbons, and alligator clips are not authorized to secure hair for PT. 


- Digital Camouflage uniforms and cotton T-shirts can be washed in warm or cold water only. 

- Khaki shirts, poly-wool green trousers and dress coats must be dry-cleaned.  Do not wash these items



- Unserviceable uniforms can be exchanged for serviceable uniforms.

- Notify your platoon guide, and request an appointment to exchange the uniform during lunch or after school hours.

- Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged uniforms is the financial responsibility of the cadet.  Keep your uniforms in a safe place. 

- Cadets are responsible for their uniform!

- Rank insignia, marksmanship badges, and ribbons/medals are provided free of charge at promotion/award.  Replacement items are available, but the financial responsibility of the cadet.  







Tanker Jacket:  Worn by LE II/III/IV when in Service B or C, and Dress Blue C or D uniform. Rank will be worn on appellate, 3/4” from the shoulder seam and centered for enlisted, and Centered on the appellate for Officers.

Field Jacket (Gortex):  Worn by LE/II/LEIII/IV with digital utility uniform during the winter months.  Rank will be worn on lapel, centered.


UNIFORM TYPES – 4 types of uniforms are Dress, Service, Utility and Physical Training.

Uniform Style Guide 2022.pdf

Uniform Style Guide 2022