Types of commands:

· Preparatory Command – Indicates which movement is about to be executed.

· Command of execution – Causes the desired movement to be executed.


Alignment - A straight line on which several elements are formed.


Cadence - The uniform step and rhythm in marching.


Cover - To align oneself behind the person to their immediate front.


Distance - The space between elements in depth; measured from back to chest. Normal distance is 40 inches.


Guide  - An individual upon whom a formation regulates its cadence and direction of march.


Interval - Space laterally between elements of the same line. Normal interval is one arms length measured

from shoulder to shoulder. Approximately 30 inches. Close interval is approximately 4 inches between shoulders.


Line - A formation in which the elements are side by side.


Dress - Alignment to the right or left as directed.


Pace - A step of 30 inches, the length of a full step in marching at quick time.


Length:  Quick time – 30 inches measured from heel to heel

   Half step – 15 inches measured from heel to heel.

           Back step – 15 inches measured from heel to heel.

      Right / Left step – 12 inches measured from inside heel to inside heel.


Rank -  A line of individuals placed side by side.


File - A single column of individuals placed one behind the other.


Time - Quick time – 120 steps per minute (normal marching cadence)

  Double time – 180 steps per minute

  Slow time – 60 steps per minute


Purpose of drill - To move a unit from one place to another in an orderly manner.

To teach discipline and coordination.

Improve morale by developing team spirit.