a.  SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP.  Marine Corps JROTC cadets are high school students. They are fully expected to conduct themselves in accordance with all school rules and regulations. Any cadet failing to maintain higher standards of conduct and citizenship will not be permitted to remain in the Marine Corps JROTC Program.


b.  PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION.  Cadets will not display any gestures of affection in school or on school grounds. This holds especially true when in uniform and pertains to kissing, embracing, holding hands, or other forms of intimate behavior. Affection between a man and a woman should be a private matter, and as such any displays of affection should be done in private. Cadets who think they are showing off their maturity by kissing and hugging in public are only displaying a lack of maturity and risking a lower Marine Corps JROTC leadership grade for their conduct.




(1)  Cadets arrive on time for class; greet the instructor on the way into class.


(2)  Cadets contribute to the class with appropriate answers to questions.


(3)  Cadets wear appropriate clothing.


(4)  Cadets strive to improve themselves continuously.


(5)  Cadets honor their word.


(6)  Cadets demonstrate initiative by doing things without being told to.


(7)  Cadets remain loyal to their families, fellow cadets and students, their school and their community.


(8)  Cadets treat others with dignity and respect regardless of race, religion or gender.


(9)  Cadets take care of each other.


(10)  Cadets wear their uniforms proudly and with distinction.


(11)  Cadets maintain appropriate military haircuts.


(12)  Cadets do not smoke or wear hats on school grounds. Cadets respond to with adults with a "Yes, or No/Sir or Ma'am.


(13)  Cadets do not lie, cheat or steal.


(14)  Cadets use appropriate language and do not curse or swear.


(15)  Cadets do not use drugs.


(16)  Cadets offer suggestions to improve the system.


(17)  Cadets maintain a can-do attitude.


(18)  Cadets respect public and private property.


(19)  Cadets respect public laws and regulations.