a.  HAIR.  Hair of male cadets will be tapered in the back with sideburns no longer than the orifice of the ear, neatly trimmed. Hair will not fall over the ears or eyebrows and the hair on top will not interfere with normal wear of the military cover. Male cadets will always be clean-shaven except that a moustache may be worn if neatly trimmed. Hair of female cadets when in uniform will be pinned and arranged so that it will not fall below the collar of the uniform being worn. Hair will not be worn in such a way that the uniform cover cannot be worn properly.


b.  EARRINGS.  Women cadets may wear small, polished earrings, ball or round stud type with all uniforms except camouflage. Earrings must not exceed ¼ inch in diameter. Only one earring per ear is authorized. Earrings may not be worn while participating in parades, reviews or ceremonies.  Male cadets will not wear earrings or facial makeup while in uniform.


c.  UNIFORM DAY.  The Marine Corps JROTC program requires that cadets wear their uniform at least one day a week. The Senior Marine Instructor will establish what day of the week cadets should wear their uniforms. Any time a cadet wears his or her uniform, it should always be worn with pride and care. Cadets must always be careful to be on their best behavior when wearing their uniforms. Improper behavior by cadets is not tolerated at any time, and is severely dealt with if in uniform.


    d.  CONDUCT IN UNIFORM.  Your appearance and conduct should be impeccable while in uniform: 

(1)  Do not chew gum. Do not smoke. 

(2)  Do not walk or stand around with your hands in your pockets. 

(3)  Wear your cover outdoors at all times and remove it indoors. 

(4)  Salute all officers. Greet all cadets and treat everyone with respect. 

(5)  Do not use foul language, tease others, or wrestle/play in uniform



(1)  Camouflage uniforms and cotton T -shirts can be washed in warm or cold water only. 

(2)  Khaki shirts, poly-wool green trousers, wool sweaters and dress coats must be dry-cleaned. DO NOT WASH THESE ITEMS. 

(3)  Unserviceable uniforms can be exchanged for serviceable uniforms. 

(4)  Notify your squad leader and request an appointment to exchange the item during class. 

(5)  Cadets are responsible for their uniforms. 

(6)  Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged uniforms is the financial responsibility of the cadet. Keep your uniforms in a safe place. 



f.  UNIFORM INFORMATION.  Uniform Types: 

(1)  Blue Dress “Bravo” Blue trousers or skirt with blue coat, ribbons only. 

(2)  Blue Dress “Charlie” Blue trousers or skirt with khaki long sleeve shirt and tie. 

(3)  Blue Dress “Delta” Blue trousers or skirt with khaki short sleeve shirt. 

(4)  Service “Alpha” Green trousers or skirt with green coat and L/S shirt. 

(5)  Service “Bravo” Green trousers or skirt with khaki long sleeve shirt and tie. 

(6)  Service “Charlie” Green trousers or skirt with khaki short sleeve shirt. 

(7)  Utility Uniform Camouflage blouse and trousers. 

(8)  Belt Lengths: 

(a)  Web Belt Between 2 and 4 inches past the buckle. 

(b)  Cloth Belt Between 2 ¾ and 3 ¾ inches past the buckle. 

(9)  Military Alignment.  Shirt edge, belt buckle and fly of trousers are all in a straight vertical line. 

(10)  Tie Clasp.  Centered between the 3rd and 4th  button on the long sleeve shirt. 

         (11)  Trouser Length.  Bottom of the trousers is even with the welt where the heel and sole of the shoe join. 

        (12)  Skirt Length.  Approximates the knee, not to exceed 1 inch above or below the center of the knee. 

         (13)  Cover.  Never worn indoors. School policy prohibits the wearing of any type of hat in the school.  MJROTC will abide by this policy. 

         (14)  Marine Corps Emblem.  On the cover, the wings of the emblem are placed parallel to the deck (floor) and the anchor is pointed forward. On the service alpha and blues, the left and right collar emblems are worn parallel to the deck with anchors pointed inboard. 

(a)  Enlisted Insignia of Grade. Worn ½ inch from the collar edge and centered on the collar. 

(b)  Officer insignia of Grade.  Worn 1 inch from the collar edge on the centerline of the collar. 

(14)  Rank Insignia, Medals, Ribbons and Badges.  Rank insignia, medals, ribbons and badges are an integral part of the MCJROTC cadet’s uniform. Therefore, these items must be worn with great care. 

 (15)  Rank Insignia. Only the rank insignia designated for Cadets by the MCJROTC program will be worn as shown in the illustrations shown below. Cloth embroidered rank insignia for enlisted Cadets will only be worn on the blue coat. When wearing the Utility “D” uniform, rank insignia will be worn on the front of the utility cap. 

(a)  Cadet officers will wear their rank insignia centered on the shoulder strap of their blue coat and all weather coats. On khaki and utility shirts, the small rank insignia will be worn centered between the top and bottom edges of the collar, one inch from the front edge. 

(b)  Enlisted rank insignia will be worn on khaki shirts, raincoats and utility shirt collars with the point of the chevron up, bisecting the angle of the collar, bottom edge ½ inch from the collar edge. 

(c)  Medals. Authorized medals will be worn on the blue coat when prescribed in the training schedule. They will be worn over the left breast pocket, midway between the first and second buttons. When wearing medals, ribbons for which there are no medals will be worn 1/8” above and centered over the right breast pocket. (Marksmanship badges will not be worn when medals are worn. Nametags will be worn 1/8” above the ribbon bar when ribbons are on the right side.) 

(d)  Ribbons. When worn, ribbons will be worn 1/8” above and centered over the left breast pocket of the khaki shirt or blue coat. When worn with the marksmanship badge, ribbons will be 1/8” above the badge. 

(e)  Badges. Cadets wearing authorized badges will wear them 1/8” above and centered over the left breast pocket of the khaki shirt and blue coat. 

(f)  Marksmanship Badge. Cadets are authorized to wear one marksmanship badge representing the classification earned during their most recent range qualification. The marksmanship badge will be worn 1/8” above and centered on the left breast pocket. Marksmanship badges will not be worn with medals on the blue coat.


g.  WEARING OF RIBBONS AND AWARDS.  Ribbons and badges authorized and procured through the MCJROTC program. They will not normally be worn during the school day. Ribbons and badges will be worn for prescribed events and are authorized for wear on leave and liberty. Precedence. Ribbons will be worn in the precedence listed below with the senior ribbon on top and to the wearer’s right: 

(1)  Legion of Valor 

(2)  MCRA 

(3)  American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence Ribbon 

(4)  American Legion Award for Military Excellence Ribbon 

(5)  Sons of the American Revolution Ribbon

         (6)  Daughters of the American Revolution Ribbon 

(7)  Military Order of World Wars Ribbon 

(8)  Military Officers Association of American (formerly the Retired Officers Association) Ribbon 

(9)  Veterans of Foreign Wars Ribbon 

(10)  Daedalian Ribbon 

(11)  Women Marines Association Ribbon 

(12)  Noncommissioned Officers Association Ribbon 

(13)  Military Order of the Purple Heart Ribbon 

(14)  Navy League Youth Medal Ribbon 

(15)  Reserve Officers Association Ribbon 

(16)  Naval Reserve Association Ribbon 

(17)  American Veterans Ribbon 

(18)  National Sojourners Ribbon 

(19)  Scottish Rite Ribbon

(20)  Outstanding Cadet Ribbon 

(21)  Student Leadership Ribbon 

(22)  Officer Leadership Ribbon 

(23)  NCO Leadership Ribbon 

(24)  Civic Service Ribbon 

(25)  Best Drill Cadet Ribbon 

(26)  Distinguished Scholastic Achievement Ribbon

(27)  Arts and Academics Ribbon 

(28)  Distinguished Military Training Ribbon 

(29)  Physical Achievement Ribbon 

(30)  Superior Marksman Ribbon 

(31)  Athletic Participation Ribbon 

(32)  Longevity / Fidelity Ribbon 

(33)  Distinguished Conduct Ribbon 

(34)  Best Drill Squad Ribbon 

(35)  Color Guard, Page 16 Ribbon 

(36)  Drill Team Ribbon 

(37)  Band / Drum & Bugle Corps Ribbon 

(38)  Rifle Team Ribbon

(39)  Orienteering Ribbon 

(40)  Recruiting Ribbon 

 (41)  Other Awards. All other awards will be worn after the listed JROTC awards in order of precedence.  These awards must be approved by the Marine Corps JROTC Program Office prior to being worn. 

 (42)  Distinguishing Patches. The Marine Corps JROTC Shoulder patch will be worn on the left sleeve of the blue coat, green coat, khaki shirt, and camouflage utility jacket.