Aye Aye, Sir Official acknowledgment of an order.

Barracks         A building where Marines live.

Blouse           Coat

Bulkhead         Wall

Bunk                Bed

CMC                Commandant of the Marine Corps

CO                   Commanding Officer

Colors              The national flag

Cover               Hat

Deck                Floor

Drill                  March

Field Day         Clean up the area.

Gangway         Move out of the way.

Gear locker      Storage room for cleaning purposes.

Gee Dunk        Candy, sweets etc.

Gung Ho          Working together in the spirit.

Hatch               Door

Head                Bathroom

NCO Noncommissioned Officer

NCOIC Noncommissioned Officer in Charge

Overhead Ceiling

Passageway Corridor or hallway.

PFT Physical Fitness Test

Reveille Time to get up

Secure             Stop work, put away, lock up.

Square away Straighten up.

Swab Mop

WM Woman Marine